Haha Fair Enough (2022)
Review: Haha Fair Enough (Theatre Travels)

Intimacy Issues (2019)
like, badass grandma wisdom of 21’s (a poetic response to the play in Verve)
Butterfly Club Presents: Intimacy Issues (interview w/ Tim Grant in Verve)

Partition and Division in Mikey and Nicky
Listed on the Criterion Daily as “among the highlights” of Rough Cut’s work.

Gone Girl: A Greek Tragedy
Shared on numerous publications including IndieWire, Slate, Film School Rejects, The Film Stage, The Playlist, Cureditor, IMDb, Fandor and more.

Consent in Cinema
Included in Sight & Sound as one of the “best video essays of 2017”.

Have a Nice Daze
Featured in an article for 4:3.